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News - 27-02-2022

RZ Learning Platform Live!

Rijk Zwaan knows that sometimes extra support is needed to make a success of the crop. Our team is very proud to announce that the first Rijk Zwaan Learning course is now available online!

Rijk Zwaan Learning

Rijk Zwaan specialists have a lot of knowledge to share. We present the Rijk Zwaan Learning platform, tailor-made for Africa in order to support our clients and growers who are spread out all over this magnificent continent. Our specialists are making their knowledge available online, structured in specific courses.  Farmers can now access tips and information needed to make their crop a success, with integrated Community page where growers and Rijk Zwaan specialists can share knowledge and answer questions. 

E learning at no cost

Rijk Zwaan Learning is an online platform where growers can access easy to follow lessons free, whether on mobile or on desktop. There are practical examples from real life presented through small movies, animations, text document, testimonials and voiced over slide presentations to make up the lessons.  The grower can check progress by way of short quizzes at the end of each chapter.

Cucumber Cultivation course

The first course looks at cucumber cultivation. This course gives insight into the slicer cucumber crop from sowing until after harvest. Beginner and accomplished vegetable growers will find something to learn about seeds, varieties, sowing, using drip irrigation, transplanting outdoor in the open field or indoor in a greenhouse, among other topics.


Interested? Please watch the video explaining what to expect and then follow the link below to register using your e-mail, phone number or Facebook. Then you can enrol for the cucumber course and start learning!

Click here to register for the free cucumber course