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News - 30-03-2023

Success with Loleza Rz F1

Rijk Zwaan Afrisem is breeding African Hot Peppers. The goal is to develop high yielding habanero varieties with improved resistance packages for better crop security. There is a strong focus on pungency but also on aroma, earliness and improved shelf life.

Visit to farm lands

We visited Farm Lands, a company in Arusha, Tanzania to hear about their experience with Loleza RZ F1.  Qambarali Ladha the founder told us: “this African hot pepper is amazing in terms of its productivity and quality and quantity. For sure it is the hottest pepper!”

From hobby to commercialization

Qambarali : “Our farm started as a hobby farm which now has turned into a growing commercial business with a  goal to produce quality produce on an 8-acre (3,2 ha) farm land of which 1.5 acres is used for  the Loleza RZ F1 habanero peppers”.

The journey from germination to harvesting

“Our hybrid seeds from Rijk Zwaan are always sowed in a nursery for the purpose of quality and efficiency, and we germinate at least 95% of seeds. This process for the Loleza took 21 – 25 days, transplanting was done on 29th of September 2021 when the journey began on the open field. In spite of the extended dry season from the month of September until the late rains in December, these plants kept on healthy regardless of the harsh climatic conditions. The Rijk Zwaan staff visited often and they were able to witness the crop performance and rate of production, “ says Qambarali.

From farm to the customers

Qambarali emphasises that at Farm Lands production is important but quality is what matters the most! They strive hard to increase yield per plant through good practices and proper plant care, using drip irrigation and feeding by fertigation and fertigation.  . This is how Farm Lands achieves such good results with average fruit weight of 8.5 grams per fruit, good uniformity in shapes but with the attractive appearance and sharp spicy hot taste appreciated by their customers who are found in competitive international and local markets in Europe, Kenya and Tanzania.

Hear from Qambarali himself

Want to hear from Qambarali himself? Then please watch this video 

Loleza RZ F1 success in Arusha