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Seed company Rijk Zwaan will participate in the field days at Wambugu farm in Kenya.

28 - 29 July Wambugu farm in Nyeri, Kenya

Join us at the Wambugu Field Day in Nyeri on 28th - 29th July 2023 to explore our African vegetable varieties. Rijk Zwaan has a diverse range of vegetable varieties that cater to the local preferences and growing conditions. Come visit our stand where we will be showcasing our varieties, like Pasarella RZ F1 or Are you interested in tomato varieties? Meet and speak to our crop specialist and discover where to buy Rijk Zwaan seeds in Kenya.

Explore Rijk Zwaan varieties for Africa

Rijk Zwaan has developed a wide range of varieties specifically tailored to thrive in the African climate and growing conditions. We welcome you to visit our stand at Wambugu farm where we will be showcasing our African varieties, such as our tomato varieties, Gamhar, Abale and the popular sweet pepper variety Pasarella, plus many more.

Rijk Zwaan Grower support at the stand

Whether you're seeking advice on crop management, best practices, market access or dealing with specific challenges, our knowledgeable experts are ready to assist you at the Rijk Zwaan stand. 

Prizes to be won!!

There will be different prizes to be won, make sure to visit Rijk Zwaan stand at Wambugu farm. Prizes. Don't miss out!! Follow us on social media to see the requirements for entering the competition!