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Information tools

'Real-time' advice

Our assortment as well as the growing circumstances are continuously changing. This calls for ‘real-time’ advice, often over considerable distances. That is why we make use of various offline and online information tools. Alongside our personal and tailor-made advice, these tools will help to keep you updated about current product introductions and growing tips.

We regard the smartphone as a crucial tool in reaching and supporting farmers in Africa which is why we are continuously developing new, interactive, mobile solutions. For instance, we use MFarming to promote our seeds and provide growing tips, and via a range of local social media we give tips on food preparation and report on demos and field days. Our customers have access to our services through our own Rijk Zwaan apps.   

What can you expect from us?

  • Assortment on our website
  • Rijk Zwaan Africa catalogue
  • Dedicated leaflets and magazines
  • Tailor-made advice for customers through Partner RZ customer portal
  • Facebook + WhatsApp and text message/SMS services (only in Tanzania)

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