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05 Nov 2021

Crop Guides Available

Rijk Zwaan supplies quality vegetable seeds, but we know that sometimes extra support is needed to make a success of the crop.

Crop guides

Growing vegetables requires tailor-made advice, so our involvement with growers goes beyond merely selling seeds. That is why we are developing some easy to follow crop guides. The first set are available for you to download free at this link:  https://www.rijkzwaanafrica.com/crop-guides.


Through our distributor partners we aim to give you the best vegetable variety advice for your conditions, and it is important to use that those varieties achieve the best results. With our partners we devote considerable energy to sharing knowledge and advice.


We trust that you will find these crop guides useful, and that you will come back to us with any questions. You can find the right contact person for your country here https://www.rijkzwaanafrica.com/contact